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Healthcare Gig Platform

January 3, 2024
Healthcare Gig Platform
Healthcare Gig Platform

The U.S. healthcare industry grapples with a shortage of nursing staff that is negatively affecting the quality of healthcare services in the country. On the other hand, qualified nurses burdened with family responsibilities fail to find the right opportunities that fit their schedule and give them a perfect work-life balance.

We envisioned creating a common digital platform that would help bridge the gap connecting hospitals and nurses. Caregigs is a top-notch app that helps nurses find nursing gigs that suit their schedules. The app also offers part-time, contract, and full-time nursing job opportunities for qualified nurses in their preferred locations. We have partnered with some of the country's top hospitals helping them hire experienced nursing staff as well as offer nurses the opportunity to work in diverse healthcare settings and specialties.

This case study dives into our development approach and technologies used to build a robust app for nurses to find their dream jobs.

Project Overview

The platform stands out as a premier solution for nursing professionals looking for per-diem shifts, contract assignments, and home health opportunities. It offers an array of features designed to take control of work schedules, financial futures, and career paths without the constraints of traditional employment. For healthcare facilities, it provides an AI-powered matching and pricing engine that ensures staffing solutions are fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

Our team adopted a holistic approach focused on building a user-friendly app making it easier for nurses to explore opportunities suitable to their daily routine. We delegated a team of skilled developers, programmers, and project managers to build a highly functional app that simplifies job search for nurses bringing high-paying opportunities to their fingertips.

Challenges and Objectives

The healthcare industry often grapples with staffing challenges, including the high demand for nursing professionals, the need for flexible work arrangements, and the inefficiencies of traditional staffing methods.

The platform aimed to:

• Provide a reliable, flexible staffing solution to healthcare facilities.

• Empower nursing professionals with control over their schedules and career paths.

• Streamline the staffing process with technology-driven solutions.

• Solution Overview: The solution is a comprehensive platform with two core components:

• For Nursing Professionals: An application that offers a user-friendly interface to browse and apply for various nursing gigs, manage schedules, and track earnings.

• For Healthcare Facilities: A dashboard that allows facilities to post staffing needs, review candidate profiles, and manage assignments with minimal manual effort.

Technology Implementation

The platform was developed using a robust stack of technologies:

• Flutter: For a cross-platform mobile app offering a native-like user experience.

• Next.js: To build a highly responsive and interactive web application.

• Postgres and Hasura: For a secure, scalable, and real-time database and data access.

• Node.js: For efficient and scalable server-side operations.

Outcomes and Impact

The platform has significantly transformed the healthcare staffing landscape by:

• Providing nursing professionals with unprecedented control over their work life and financial independence.

• Offering healthcare facilities a reliable, cost-effective solution to quickly fill staffing gaps with qualified professionals.

• Enhancing the overall efficiency of the healthcare staffing process, from job posting to payment processing.


The development of this innovative platform marks a significant advancement in healthcare staffing solutions. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of the industry's needs, the platform successfully addresses the critical challenges faced by healthcare providers and nursing professionals. It stands as a model of how digital innovation can facilitate more flexible, efficient, and rewarding work environments in the healthcare sector.