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Product Oriented Delivery

Get guaranteed product delivery as per your budget and time limitations with core focus on your business objectives and user demands.

Ampcome’s Product-Oriented Delivery Will Help You

Accelerate your project development

Starting with a brief complementary product definition phase, we swiftly familiarize ourselves with your project to ensure a smooth kick-off, minimizing the need for extensive discussions or Q&A sessions.

Boost your business value

Provide us with your strategic plan, and we'll undertake the responsibility for its delivery. We'll pinpoint business flows that optimize value, ensuring you receive a customized, functional product that aligns precisely with your business requirements.

Deliver products within your time and budget

Your success is paramount to us, and thus, we are committed to delivering your vision on your terms, precisely within the time or budget constraints you specify.

Efficient and business-centric results

Our contracts feature a variable component, encompassing success criteria and shared responsibilities, all aimed at maintaining focus on tangible business outcomes.

Get desired results and increase your business value, productivity and profitability

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How Ampcome’s Product-Oriented Delivery Works?

We provide adaptable and tailored product delivery, continuously aligning with your business priorities and emphasizing the addition of tangible value.

Understanding your business needs and vision

Our collaboration begins with a concise complimentary phase aimed at clarifying your fundamental business objectives, processes, flows, and quality attributes. This initial step allows us to pinpoint the business flows the product will encompass, fostering flexibility during delivery without necessitating extensive change requests.

Defining project success criteria

We evaluate project feasibility and offer budget estimations. Subsequently, we collaborate with you to establish success criteria and commit to product delivery tailored to your time or budget constraints, solidifying our commitment through an outcome-based contract.

Maintaining flexibility while prioritizing business objectives

Recognizing the dynamic nature of your business, we ensure flexibility without compromising results. Our approach facilitates continual adjustments throughout delivery, operating in small cycles and consistently aligning with evolving business needs. Additionally, we function as a unified product team, keeping sight of the overarching objectives.

Ensuring quality throughout the SDLC

We meticulously monitor technical and project metrics, encompassing security vulnerabilities (SAST), code quality (duplications, cyclomatic complexity, unit tests), and project burndown, ensuring the final product meets the highest standards.

Establishing transparency in the process

We maintain constant communication, offering real-time progress updates, scope discussions, financial transparency, and fostering collaborative decision-making. This ensures you remain fully informed about your project's status and trajectory.

Addressing team-related risks comprehensively

Factors such as team composition, performance management and growth, knowledge transfer and management, and attrition risks are all managed by Ampcome, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Product-Oriented Delivery Works
Get deployment ready software to achieve business excellence

Get deployment ready software to achieve business excellence

With Ampcome’s Product-Oriented Delivery, you'll obtain a production-enabled solution or deployment-ready source code crafted to encompass all pre-established business flows and quality attributes. Leveraging our extensive project management expertise and agile methodologies, we ensure the realization of your vision into a top-notch software product, meeting your timeline or budgetary requirements

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Key Deliverables And Outcomes

Guaranteed project delivery

At Ampcome, we prioritize your success and concentrate on maximizing your product's business value. Our approach incorporates a proprietary delivery framework and agile practices, ensuring a product that encompasses the agreed business flows while adhering to time or budget constraints.

Industry-leading expertise across your entire SDLC

Ampcome’s cross-functional product team is self-sufficient, encompassing all the necessary skills and knowledge to cover your project’s entire software delivery cycle.

Ampcome-owned responsibility for your project’s success

We assume full responsibility for the implementation roadmap, budget, quality metrics, process setup, and team-related elements, allowing you to concentrate on strategic planning and vision. Furthermore, we utilize outcome-based contracts to ensure the delivery of your product.

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Your Project, Our Responsibility: Leverage Our Product-Oriented Delivery Services For Quality, Robust & Scalable Products

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