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Agritech B2B Marketplace

Agritech supply chain
January 3, 2024
Agritech B2B Marketplace
Agritech B2B Marketplace

The customer, a significant SCM solution provider in the MENA region, found their growth constrained by an outdated system. The company's ambition to scale operations and improve service offerings necessitated the development of a new technology platform that could meet the evolving demands of the Agritech industry.

This case study details the transformative journey of an Agritech B2B company in the MENA region that successfully migrated from a legacy system to a modern web and mobile platform for supply chain management (SCM).

Project Overview

Serving as a vital link between Import/Export houses and suppliers, the company required an innovative solution to enhance backend administrative operations and streamline the supply chain process, thereby seizing a substantial market opportunity to connect stakeholders seamlessly and efficiently.

Our team helped the client convert his vision into a viable product and achieve business goals. By leveraging cutting edge technologies, our experts delivered a robust platform helping the company boost its productivity and revenue by ten folds.

Project Challenges

The company faced several challenges:

· Existing manual and cumbersome processes were creating inefficiencies and delays.

· There was a critical need for a system that could provide a seamless connection between Exporters/Importers and suppliers.

· The vision was to disrupt the market with a modern, tech-enabled platform for Supply Chain Operations.


The comprehensive approach to solving these challenges included:

· Strategic Engagement: The company crafted an overall product strategy in collaboration with key stakeholders.

· User Experience Design: Analyzing the user journeys of the legacy application was crucial to developing an intuitive experience for customers and suppliers.

· Collaborative Workshops: Insights were gathered through workshops with diverse user groups to ensure the new application met and exceeded the functionality of the old system.

· Technical Development: The company undertook the end-to-end development of a web and mobile platform, emphasizing a microservices architecture utilizing AWS Lambda for serverless computing.


Technology Implementation

A robust and modern technology stack was employed:

· ReactJS: Chosen for building a dynamic and responsive web application.

· Ionic: Used for cross-platform mobile app development to cater to a wide user base.

· Node.js and AWS Lambda: These technologies powered the backend, providing scalability and efficiency.

· Postgres and Kubernetes: Ensured reliable database services and effective container orchestration.


The new system led to remarkable outcomes:

· Accelerated Development Cycle: Leveraging Rapid Application Development methodologies, the application transitioned from concept to implementation swiftly.

· Streamlined Processes: The online booking and ordering system replaced inefficient offline processes, leading to significant operational improvements.

· Business Growth: The enhanced system contributed to the company's top-line growth by simplifying and expediting the supply chain process.


Ampcome’s development of a modern booking and order management system has significantly elevated the company's position within the Agritech SCM sector in the MENA region. By embracing advanced technologies and a customer-centric design philosophy, the company has not only modernized its operations but also set a new benchmark for efficiency and connectivity in the Agritech supply chain. This initiative marks a pivotal step toward disrupting traditional market practices and shaping a more dynamic, responsive, and integrated agricultural landscape.