Data Science Services

Derive valuable insights from your data to boost your business performance and future-proof yourself with smart data-driven strategies

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Ampcome Data Science Services

Our data science services company specializes in data processing, mining and pipelines to help your business boost its value by enhancing products, services, customer experience, operational efficiency and supply chain.

Data Mining Services

Outsource your data mining to Ampcome and save huge on your in-house data infrastructure. Our data mining services empower you with actionable insights retrieved from large heterogeneous data sets.

Big Data Consulting Services

Get smart data strategies to sustain the market dynamics with our data science consulting services. We offer tailored guidance on data warehousing after careful evaluation of your existing data architecture.

Data Pipelines

Elevate your ML application’s performance with the support and expertise of our data scientists. Our data science team collects, structures and processes data from multiple sources to aid your company’s data systems.

Machine Learning Services

Build custom ML applications that support you in navigating your business challenges. Our team is adept in leveraging domain specific data and ML algorithms to develop self sustaining models that continuously adapt to the new data inputs.

Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and sustain in the rapidly changing market with our experts curated ML models. These models are specifically aligned to your industry and business goals enabling them to identify market trends, analyze customer behaviors and predict patterns.

Natural Language Processing

Enhance your customer experience and upgrade your services with our data science company specializing in natural language processing. Our experts develop high-end NLP applications proficient in accurate sentiment analysis through human language, text and video processing.

Business intelligence Solutions

Our BI experts identify the gap in your business and implement intelligent solutions to help you track your goals, performance, analytics and other KPIs. From data visualization tools to advanced BI solutions we direct you towards maximum growth and efficiency.

Data Preprocessing

Enhance the efficiency of your AI and ML applications with our data science experts. We have experienced data scientists that proactively organizes, cleanses and processes your raw data so that its ready for analysis and integration.

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Our Data Science Portfolio

Stock Market Analytical Tool

We developed a user-friendly, robust, and smart tool with data visualization capabilities that could accurately predict market trends. To make this possible we brought together a team consisting of data scientists, programmers, QA engineers, and project managers who dedicatedly worked to transform the client's ideas into a viable product.

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stock market

Smart Grid Analytics

Ampcome with its expertise in data analytics solutions designed, developed, and implemented highly advanced data analytics applications that improved the efficiency, reliability, and decision-making process of smart grids.

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Enterprise Data Warehouse and Analytics Solution

Our team built EDW and analytics solutions aiming to enhance, expedite and boost the efficiency of its logistics operations. The new EDW and analytics solutions transformed the company's approach to data, resulting in enhanced decision-making, streamlined operations and gained competitive advantage.

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Healthcare Data Analytics

We built a data analytics solution for the healthcare organization helping them derive actionable insights from huge clinical datasets to refine the quality of healthcare services. The solution we designed harnessed vast amounts of clinical data, transforming it into actionable insights that promote better patient outcomes, operational efficiencies, and strategic decision-making.

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How Our Data Science Consulting Company Can Help Your Business?

UX Modernization

Improve Business Efficiency

We help agriculture, finance, and e-commerce companies with data science consulting services enabling them to adopt machine learning models in their processes seamlessly. Plus, as a leading data science company, we also assist financial firms in introducing automation, getting accurate analytics, and reducing fraud.

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Mitigate Risks

Our data science team scrutinizes your data to help you implement predictive analysis and prescriptive analytics in your business model. This helps you identify market trends, qualify leads, predict patterns, and spot user demands which eventually enables you to curate future-proof strategies and reduce risks.

Micro Service

Enrich User Experience With Intelligent Bots

With natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and deep learning techniques you can derive value from unstructured data. This will help you improve computer-to-human interactions unlocking immersive user experiences. Our team will enable you to leverage the benefits of intelligent bots that offer accurate and personalized responses ensuring customer retention and satisfaction.


Utilize Your Data To Boost Sales

We offer data analysis and machine learning services for a wide range of industries helping them enhance their efficiency. Our data scientists extract valuable insights and implement smart data management strategies to help you tailor your services with personalization and smart recommendations. These help businesses reduce burnout, increase conversions, and boost sales.

UX Modernization

Enhance Operational Performance

Our data scientists identify the scope of implementing machine learning techniques in your business processes. This enables you to streamline and automate processes while reducing errors, costs, and time. Our machine learning services assist you in enhancing performance and productivity with ease.

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Leverage Our Machine Learning & Data Science Consulting Expertise

Ent to end AI

Supervised and Unsupervised learning

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning

Reinforcement Learning

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Big Data Analytics

Expert Ai Experts


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AI Models We Have Expertise In


Insight Into The Technologies We Use

AI Frameworks


Cloud Platforms


Integration and Deployment Tools


Programming Languages




Collaborative tools

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Data preprocessing tools


Data visualization tools





Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
Metric Learning
Fewshot Learning
Online Learning

Neural Networks

Bayesian Network
Representation Learning
Variational Autoencoders
Autoregressive Networks
Long Short-term Memory (LSTM)

From Raw Data to Actionable Intelligence: Our Data Analytics Solutions Designed To Empower Your Business Decisions

Our data science experts leverage the power of advanced algorithms to uncover meaningful patterns and opportunities from your data that drive growth. The core strength of our data science consulting services lies in tailoring advanced data solutions to your unique challenges and needs for streamlining processes, optimizing resources, and paving the way for unparalleled success.

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From Raw Data to Actionable Intelligence: Our Data Analytics Solutions Designed To Empower Your Business Decisions