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Contactless Cafeteria Management Platform

September 7, 2023
Contactless Cafeteria Management Platform
Contactless Cafeteria Management Platform

GoKhana is a B2B company offering food, cafeteria, and dinning management solutions. The company had one vision – to transform and digitalize cafeteria and food courts and enhance user experience as well as streamline food programs for corporates, malls, multiplexes, education institutes, and other organizations.

Ampcome played a significant role in building the online platform and mobile app laced with advanced features and functionalities that were vital for the company's success. Our technical team leveraged sophisticated technologies like QR codes and cloud infrastructure to build products aligned with the company's vision of providing contactless dining solutions.

This case study dives into Ampcome’s approach and development process that successfully delivered solutions that met client expectations.


Project Overview

The company has deployed technologically driven operations that not only offer seamless user experience but also ensure accountability and transparency in the Food and beverages services. From online food ordering apps to cafeteria capacity management, secure digital payments, app-based home meal deliveries, and contactless ordering, the company offers full-fledged cafeteria digitalization services to its clients.

Plus, the company also provides AI-based vendor compliance management, contactless vending machines, business analytics, and other user-friendly and hygienic cafeteria digitalization solutions. Currently, the company is serving over 500 firms which includes corporate offices, educational institutes, tech parks, malls, and multiplexes.

The company partnered with Ampcome to build an online platform, mobile apps, and other digital solutions that would help them facilitate digital dining experiences. Our goal was to develop robust, secure, and easy-to-use platforms and apps integrated with advanced functionalities aligned with the company's business needs.



Our core objective was to support the company with technical solutions that helped them facilitate, streamline, automate, and digitalize cafeterias in corporate offices and educational institutes.

The online platform, app, and other solutions we built were focused on the:

• Implementing a contactless dining experience to prioritize health and safety.

• Streamlining operations to enhance the user experience in corporate and educational cafeterias.

• Introducing a system that integrates seamlessly with various institutional environments and maintains operational transparency.


Solutions Delivered

We offered cutting-edge digital contactless dining solutions to the company tailored to its business goal of modernizing and streamlining cafeteria operations. The key components of our solution included:

• Contactless Ordering: Users could seamlessly browse menus, place orders, and make payments using their smartphones, reducing the need for physical interactions.

• Digital Menu Boards: These provided real-time updates on offerings, helping to inform decisions and reduce wait times.

• Automated Billing and Payments: The system was integrated with various payment methods for a smooth, transparent transaction process.

• Feedback Mechanisms: An integrated feedback system allows users to rate their experience, promoting continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Technology Implementation

Our team leveraged the latest technologies to integrate advanced features making the company’s platform and app scalable, reliable, and user-friendly.

The three key technologies we used were:

• Mobile Application Platform: Designed for easy access to menus, ordering, and payment functionalities.

• QR Code Technology: Facilitates quick scanning and access to digital menus and payment options.

• Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Ensured real-time updates, robust data security, seamless integration with existing systems, and scalability to meet future demands.



Ampcome played a key role in the success of the company by building a state-of-the-art online platform and app which helped the company offer its diverse cafeteria digitalization services. Our solutions assisted them in achieving their business goals, increasing client satisfaction rates, and boosting revenue.

• Enhanced User Experience: Customers enjoyed quicker, safer, and more convenient dining experiences with reduced wait times and higher overall satisfaction.

• Operational Efficiency: Cafeterias witnessed smoother operations with streamlined processes from ordering to payment, leading to reduced errors and faster service.

• Elevated Safety Standards: The reduction in physical touchpoints significantly enhanced the hygiene and safety of the dining environment.

• Valuable Insights: The data collected from orders and feedback provided critical insights for continuous menu and service enhancements.


Ampcome’s technical expertise has helped the client set a new standard in the corporate and organizational cafeteria sector. Our innovation-driven solutions have paved the way for the company to transform and redefine food court and cafeteria management introducing modern, user-friendly, contactless, hygienic, and transparent food and beverages services.