Optimizing 6 million square feet of space with Analyticsbackground image

Optimizing 6 million square feet of space with Analytics

January 3, 2024
Optimizing 6 million square feet of space with Analytics
Optimizing 6 million square feet of space with Analytics

Proconnect operates across the Indian subcontinent with a vast network of warehouses and an extensive list of services including warehousing, reverse logistics, in-plant logistics management, and supply chain consulting.

The company partnered with Ampcome to build EDW and analytics solution aiming to enhance, expedite and boost the efficiency of its logistics operations.

This case study explores the development of an EnterpriseData Warehouse (EDW) and the implementation of analytics solutions for aprominent supply chain solutions provider in India.


Project Overview

As the company grew, the need for sophisticated datahandling and analytical capabilities became increasingly important to maintainits leadership in the logistics industry.

The company, a major player in third-party logistics and warehousing, required an advanced system to consolidate data across various aspects of its operations and enable effective decision-making through powerful analytics.

We brought together a team of experts who helped the client build a reliable and robust EWD solution embedded with advanced functions to assist client in achieving his business goals.


Project Challenges

The company faced the challenge of harnessing and interpreting vast amounts of data from its diverse operations. The existing infrastructure was not equipped to provide the insights needed to optimize and streamline their services effectively. There was a clear demand for a centralized data warehouse that could handle large volumes of data with an analytics solution to transform this data into actionable business intelligence.



The solution involved two main components:

•                Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW): A robust EDW was constructed to centralize data from various sources within the company's operations, providing a single source of truth for all data analytics needs.

•                Analytics Solutions Using Power BI and Clickhouse: Advanced analytics tools were implemented to provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights through interactive dashboards and reports.



Technology Implementation

The implementation utilized a combination of leading technology tools:

•                Power BI: Deployed for its powerful data visualization capabilities, allowing stakeholders to understand data through interactive reports and dashboards.

•                Clickhouse: An open-source columnar database management system was used for online analytical processing (OLAP) tasks to facilitate real-time generation of analytical data reports.



The new EDW and analytics solutions transformed thecompany's approach to data, resulting in:

•                Enhanced Decision-Making: The leadership teamgained access to real-time insights, driving more informed and timely businessdecisions.

•                Streamlined Operations: The analytics solutionsprovided a clear view of operational efficiencies and bottlenecks, leading toimproved processes and cost savings.

•                Competitive Advantage: With data at theforefront of its strategy, the company could leverage analytics for bettercustomer service, ultimately strengthening its market position.



By developing a state-of-the-art EDW and implementing cutting-edge analytics solutions, the supply chain solutions provider substantially improved its ability to manage and analyze data. The project showcased the power of data analytics in optimizing logistics and warehouse operations, providing the company with the tools to continue its growth and maintain its status as a leader in the industry. This case study is a testament to the transformative impact that data management and analytics can have on a company's operational and strategic initiatives.