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Healthcare Aggregator Platform

January 3, 2024
Healthcare Aggregator Platform
Healthcare Aggregator Platform

The platform is an India-based Smart Aggregator aiming to redefine healthcare accessibility and affordability. It offers over 20 specialties, collaborates with 100+ medical facilities, engages with 2000+ pharmacies, and connects more than 100 doctors to serve a growing community of over 20,000 customers.

Ampcome built this robust feature-rich platform embedded with the latest technologies and tools meeting the client's vision to make healthcare easily accessible for all. Our goal was not only to build a platform laced with high-tech functionalities but also to design an interface that is easy-to-use enabling users of all age groups to access the platform's services.

This case study explores our development approach and process to build a smart health aggregator platform focused on providing a unified healthcare experience.

Project Overview

The client envisioned making healthcare more accessible, digitalized, consent-based, cashless, and paperless with a next-generational platform. His aim was to bring quality healthcare services to everyone's fingertips so that healthcare becomes less time-consuming and hassle-free. This platform will help people get instant healthcare support from anywhere anytime.

At Ampcome, we align our goals with our client's objectives. That is why here we created a dedicated team of developers who not only have technical expertise but also healthcare industry experience. This enabled us to understand the dynamics of the healthcare industry and how we can make this platform a benchmark of excellence in the industry.

We used advanced technologies like Flutter, Next.js, Postgres, Hasura, and Node.js to build a cutting-edge platform that will be the center of digital health solutions enhancing care delivery and patient experience.


The platform aimed to address disoriented healthcare system with the objective to:

• Create a single, integrated platform for diverse healthcare needs.

• Ensure secure and consent-based access to health data.

• Make healthcare services cashless and paperless for added convenience and efficiency.

• Expand healthcare access to underserved populations.

Solution Overview

Our team offered the following solutions:

• App for Citizens: Enables patients to book consultations, order medicines, and access pharmacy and clinic services.

• App for Healthcare Professionals: Allows doctors and pharmacists to manage appointments, and prescriptions, and provide consultations.

• Clinic Management Platform: Assists clinics in managing operations, scheduling appointments, and maintaining patient records.

Technology Implementation

We developed the platform using the following technologies:

• Flutter and Next.js: To ensure a responsive and intuitive user interface.

• Postgres and Hasura: For robust database management and real-time data access.

• Node.js: To handle efficient server-side operations.

Outcomes and Impact

The platform was successful in achieving the following outcomes:

• Providing a centralized solution for various healthcare needs, improving accessibility and user experience.

• Enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery with a cashless and paperless system.

• Empowering healthcare professionals with effective practice management tools.

• Extending healthcare reach, particularly to remote and underserved communities, thus improving health outcomes.


The smart aggregator platform marks a notable stride in enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and patient-centric healthcare services. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies we helped the client build a platform that signifies a shift towards a more health-conscious and interconnected society.