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Supply Chain Advanced Analytics

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January 3, 2024
Supply Chain Advanced Analytics
Supply Chain Advanced Analytics

TVSSCM is a major SCM solution provider with a significant presence in Asia. It boasts a broad operational network and a substantial annual turnover, indicating its major role in global supply chains and logistics.

With operations in 50+ countries, the customer is a dominant player in the SCM sector in Asia, collaborating with 3000+ global suppliers.

The client partnered with Ampcome to leverage the benefits of data analytics in their supply chain operations aiming to introduce automation and enhance its efficiency.

This case study examines the strategic development of an analytics, customer integration, and field sales mobile app backend for a leading supply chain solutions company.

Project Overview

The key challenges included the lack of a unified view of revenue, operations, and profitability, integration issues with customer systems, and insufficient warehouse availability visibility for the field sales team. The project's success hinged on developing a robust Enterprise Data Analytics and BI strategy, optimizing data integration, and enhancing inventory management solutions.

Our team deployed a business-focused and result-oriented approach tailored to client’s needs which helped us deliver top-notch data analytics solution helping the client meet his goals.

Business Challenge

The customer faced several critical challenges:

• Inability to obtain a comprehensive view of global revenue, operations, and profitability.

• Difficulties in customer system integrations.

• The field sales team lacked real-time data on warehouse availability, impeding their ability to offer instant quotes.


The solution involved a multi-tiered approach:

1. Enterprise Data Analytics and BI Strategy: Collaborating with the Group CIO and Deputy MD to develop a high-level strategy for data analytics and business intelligence.

2. Data Warehouse Modelling and Design: Analyzing and modelling various applications, including ERPs, transportation and warehouse management systems, vehicle tracking, hub space utilization, and more.

3. Technology and Infrastructure Selection: Evaluating platforms like Microsoft, AWS, and On-premise solutions to design an optimal infrastructure tailored to the client's needs.

Technology Implementation

Key components of the technology implementation included:

• Data Integration Strategy: Developing a strategy for enterprise data integration, enabling streaming analytics, and real-time monitoring and alerting.

• Customer Data Integration Optimization: Redesigning data integration for the client's major customers to enhance functionality and performance.

• Inventory Optimization: Productizing and implementing an inventory optimization solution initially conceptualized as a Proof of Concept by the client's analytics team.


The outcomes of this engagement were transformative:

• Significantly improved performance of reports and dashboards.

• A unified view of business operations across various global entities was achieved.

• The backend for the field sales mobile app, developed on a serverless architecture, provided real-time visibility into warehouse space availability.

• Real-time track and trace features were included in customer dashboards, greatly enhancing the customer experience.


The deployment of this comprehensive analytics and integration solution marked a significant milestone in the ccompany's ability to streamline global operations. Through a thoughtful blend of strategic planning, technology evaluation, and innovation, our team delivered data analytics solution that strengthened the company's position in the competitive landscape of supply chain management. It also set a precedent for how companies with complex, multinational operations can leverage technology to gain a holistic view of their business and make more informed strategic decisions.