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Reimagine your retail business with tailor-made retail software solutions. From personalized customer experience to real-time analytics, custom PoS solutions and apps we've got you covered every step of the way.
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Retail Software Development Services

Retail Software Consulting

As a retail software development company, we have experts with decades of experience in the industry and its tech solutions. Our team will help you overcome your challenges with advanced software solutions, Technical feasibility studies, Data strategy, and more.

Retail Software Development

We offer full-cycle retail software development services to build custom e-commerce platforms, apps, and software solutions. Thus, helping businesses propel their growth, enhance customer experience, streamline inventory, automate processes, and get valuable insights.

Inventory Management

Our retail software development solutions are here to transform the way you manage your inventory. With our advanced tech solutions powered by AI, you can easily streamline and automate your processes giving you more visibility and insights for efficient inventory management.

Custom Retail App Development

As a leading retail app development company, our developers will build you a scalable and secure app with the latest features like AI product recommendations, AR/VR, and more. We are credible tech partners ready to join your digital transformation journey and make it a success.

Legacy Application

Our team will assist you in upgrading and migrating your existing legacy systems to scalable and flexible cloud environments. This opens up new innovation opportunities for your business taking it towards scalability, agility, and sustainability.

Order Management

We also specialize in developing order management systems to automate your distributed network, and smartly track and route your orders to fulfillment locations. Our solutions are adept in effectively and intelligently streamlining and maintaining your multi-channel order processes.

Retail CRM Software

Our retail software development services are known for their world-class CRM solutions. With our expertise, you can develop and integrate an advanced CRM into your existing system to track your customer data and gain priceless insights for personalized product recommendations, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and other sales processes.

Data Analytics

We are one of the retail software development companies whose core strength lies in Data science solutions. Our data experts will uncover valuable insights from your raw data, providing you with a deeper understanding of your customer and market. The insights are handy for product development, marketing strategies, customer experience, and other business decisions.

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Power Up Your Retail Software With AI

We are one of the retail Artificial Intelligence Companies that provides itself with the exemplary AI capabilities we bring in our solutions. Our AI and Machine Learning team powers your retail software to get you accurate insights, refined analysis, personalized customer experience, and the potential to advance your processes.

Object Recognition

Identify and categorize products in a store and suggest ideal product groupings to enhance merchandising, cross-selling, and upselling strategies. Our team specializes in developing advanced object recognition software that enables retailers to make data-driven decisions to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Chatbots

Reduce wait times, smoothly manage call volume spikes, and offer instant customer service with AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots and AI agents lower the burden on your customer service department by efficiently handling calls and offering insights to live agents. 

Heat Map Analysis

Identify optimal store layout by analyzing customer engagement and duration in the different store areas and product displays. Our AI-based heat maps of customer interaction enable you to create 3D simulations for the best store layout.

AI-Powered Personalization

Equip your retail platform and apps with AI to offer personalized customer experience, product recommendations, loyalty programs, and more to your customers based on individual preferences.

Predictive Analysis

Analyze customer behavior, identify trends, and analyze historical sales data for accurate demand forecast, optimize inventory levels, and avoid under/over stocking. 

Price Optimization Software

Analyze sales data, competitor pricing, and market trends to recommend optimal pricing strategies to maximize revenue, increase profitability, and maintain business competitiveness.

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Unleash Efficiency & Growth: Get Custom Retail Software for Smarter Business

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Retail Software Development


E-commerce Management Solution

Master your online store operations

Tired of juggling multiple platforms to manage your online store? Our custom e-commerce solution puts everything you need in one place, streamlining operations and empowering smarter business decisions. Our custom solution is built with flexibility in mind. We tailor the platform to your specific needs, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and evolving with your business.

Product listing & research
Order processing
Inventory management
Promotions & Advertising management
Vendor & Customer relationship management
Multiple marketplace integrations

Custom POS Solution

Payments, invoices, and inventory: Get all in one place for effortless e-commerce

Imagine a checkout experience that's lightning-fast and secure. That's exactly what our brick-and-mortar POS integrations deliver. We automate payment processing and invoicing, getting you through sales transactions quicker and keeping your customers happy. Contact us today and discover how our POS integrations can transform your checkout process, boost your bottom line, and empower you to focus on what you do best – serving your customers.

Sales order tracking
Customer loyalty management
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Inventory management
Return & Refund management
External integration with Barcode Scanner & POS terminal
cost effective
Cashier management

AR-based Product Selection Solution

Immersive product interactions for an enjoyable customer experience

Imagine a world where shopping feels effortless and personalized. We're a seasoned retail software development company, and that's exactly what we help you create. Seamlessly integrate AR experiences into your existing retail or e-commerce platform. No complex setup – just instant customer engagement.

Product Catalog & Selection
One-touch information
Full-size live product visualization
Shopping cart & payment integration
Navigation & Direction
Social Media
Social Media Sharing Capabilities

Supply Chain Management Solution

Boost supply chain efficiency and sales

Empower complete control over order shipments and deliveries. Optimize every step with real-time tracking, improved fleet efficiency, and precise route planning. Gain invaluable insights with accurate forecasting and demand planning. Make informed decisions about inventory, order management, and vendor collaboration.

Demand forecasting
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Supply chain insights & collaboration
delivery on time
Order fulfillment
Master data management
managed service
Inventory management
Warehouse management

Multi-Vendor B2B and B2C Marketplace

Expand your business globally and champion your sector

The future of retail is here – online marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers seamlessly. We understand the power of a robust online presence, and that's why we help you build custom B2B/B2C marketplaces tailored to your specific needs. By creating a custom B2B/B2C marketplace, you're not just building a platform – you're fostering a thriving online ecosystem. 

Seller microsite
Logistics & warehouse management
Web Application
Vendor listing
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Sales analytics
Product catalog management
Inventory management

Business Benefits Brought By Our
Custom Retail Software Solutions

Ampcome’s retail software development is aimed at simplifying, optimizing, and streamlining day-to-day retail operations for smooth business functioning.

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Turn Window Shoppers into Devoted Fans

Craft personalized experiences that convert browsers into buyers with location-based mobile marketing, dynamic pricing, and secure, one-click payments.

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Loyalty Like Never Before

Watch sales soar as you transform visitors into brand advocates. Offer targeted product deals, easy repeat purchases, exceptional customer service, and a rewarding referral program.

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Predict Demand, Optimize Inventory

Leverage data science and predictive analytics to accurately forecast sales and inventory levels. Minimize risk, save on costs, and ensure timely deliveries with data-driven insights.

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Meet Customers Anywhere

Engage shoppers on their terms with a seamless omnichannel experience. Empower them with mobile apps, chatbots, and other tools tailored to their needs.

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Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

Gain total visibility and control over your entire supply chain – from sourcing to delivery. Utilize real-time data to streamline operations and reduce waste.

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Effortless Inventory Management

Watch sales soar as you transform visitors into brand advocates. Offer targeted product deals, easy repeat purchases, exceptional customer service, and a rewarding referral program.

Seize Control Of Your Inventory, Sales, and Customer Interactions With Our High Caliber Retail Software Solutions

Say hello to more efficiency, automated processes, reduced costs, rich customer experiences, and revenue hikes. Our custom retail software development services offer advanced tech solutions for business agility and market sustainability.

Get Your Custom Retail Software
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Whom Do We Cater To?


Local and international retail chains


Multichannel retailers

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Mono-brand retailers


Multi-brand retailers



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Why Trust Ampcome For Custom Retail Software Development?


Experience the Ampcome Advantage

Our expertise in retail software development translates to results. We deliver powerful, scalable solutions that put your business at the forefront of the industry.


Don't Just Sell, Thrive

Ampcome builds custom retail software designed to unlock your business potential. We focus on your unique needs to drive sales, engagement, and long-term success.


Focus on Speed and Flexibility

We understand retail moves fast. Our agile development process delivers software in short, iterative cycles, allowing us to adapt to changing needs and get features in your hands quickly.


Prioritize Data Protection

At Ampcome, data security is paramount. We employ industry-leading security practices and technologies to safeguard your customer information and ensure PCI compliance.

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